Plexus Wifi is a solar powered city wide Wifi network providing pay as you go internet,

The network is affordable, resilient, impervious to power cuts and most importantly users can connect without the need to purchase any additional equipment or long term subscriptions.

Our Philosophy

Everyone should have equal opportunity and access to information, the internet is the best way to gather a lot of information so we are determined to get everyone connected!

We Pursue Excellence

We see a fully connected ‘smart nation’ that has everyone connected, even in the hardest to to reach areas!

Our History

Arc International Ltd is the merging of ‘City Wifi UK Ltd and ‘Solumi’, a solar powered LED Street lighting company and have been developing solar powered telecom networks to deliver high capacity infrastructure for the past 5 years.

Over the years we have developed metropolitan networks for the UK and most recently the African continent that have required resilient alternative power solutions. As a result we have created a carbon neutral environmentally friendly way to revolutionise telecoms.

Enter the ‘Plexus Wifi’ solution, a solar powered, scalable to city wide gigabit wifi network.

Our innovations in network deployment have further allowed us to deploy transformational technology achieving phenomenal connectivity speeds with low latency while creating opportunities to monetise and efficiently operate internet services and infrastructure.

Our expertise in regard to this particular project stems from the core business team originating from broadcast radio, BT and national ISPs in the UK and leading telecoms organisations such as Vodafone and Nokia.

Our Technology

Plexus Wifi is a solar powered, city wide wifi network solution. It boasts high capacity, high availability and world class resilience with self healing technology that is ‘power cut proof’.

We beam ‘fibre like’ internet over significant distances over bodies of water, over land and even design routes to circumvent mountains and other geographic challenges. We then blanket cover entire locations so user are engulfed in fast wifi.

Our technology was built to bring first world connectivity to the most underdeveloped locations around the world and brings the speed of fibre optic with the ease of wireless deployment.

Current Fibre roll out plans will take between 5 and 10 years to fully cover the UK, Plexus wifi can cover a city the size of Birmingham in just 12 weeks and the blanket wifi coverage is managed over a secure cloud meaning a technician is no longer required to attend properties to install connections, they just need to signup for an account because the wifi is already covering their property.

Plexus Wifi is powered simply by 3 to 5 hours of natural daylight (even on overcast days) and comes with backup batteries.

The technical solution, proprietary technology and network design was developed by Phillip Cooper and Lord Allan Okello. Phillip Cooper, who is the Chief Technical Officer and currently contracts for British Telecom (BT) and Hello Telecom in Nottingham. The team have consulted Bruce Haendel, one of the core team members in the building of the world’s first ever wifi covered city in Fukuako (Japan) over 15 years ago and for solar power systems Mike Boxwell, a world renowned solar inventor and innovator responsible for the first solar powered car who has also authored a number of sector leading books on solar technology.

The Innovation

Plexus wifi has been built to deliver services where there is no existing telecoms or power infrastructure and outperform 4G solutions and bring fibre optic benefits on a wireless platform able to be transmitted long distances and cover entire cities with rapid scalability and cloud management.

Plexus wifi is intelligent, self healing and reports issues in real-time, the transmission system and battery system are both hard coded to the network to deter theft as both parts of the system.

The Plexus WIfi solution is more cost-effective than current fibre deployments but yields the same speeds and performance for the end user. It is also significantly faster to deploy and has fewer limitations because of geography and population size. It is the perfect extension or replacement of fibre that be expanded with bandwidth demand.

Our Why

Ofcom research has shown that all over the UK, Ireland and the Shetland islands there are millions of

homes that far from meet the national average for internet speeds, In fact approximately 27.1 million

homes do not have fibre and can only achieve 2mbps and yet are paying for more speed!

This is because fibre optic has yet to be laid in the areas or is deemed too expensive for commercial reasons as installation is costly from a capital, manpower and time perspective. fibre typically costs £50,000 per 10km without cost of civil works or connected anything more than a green cabinet which takes months to complete.

Many homes, villages and towns in rural areas are especially difficult to connect because of unavoidable realities such as low population numbers, forests, conservation areas, other towns/villages, farmland, and or bodies of water matched with low population making for a payback period for installation spanning up to 40 years. The traditional ‘cabled’ technology most likely wont last up to 30 years without replacements along the way and will become redundant before payback has been achieved.

Mission Statement

Arc International Ltd is positioned to revolutionise Internet service provision firstly in the rural areas in the UK and then in third world equally uncabled locations around the world with our wireless network transmission system.

We expect to shake up the telecoms sector in the UK achieving quantum growth through acquisition and consolidation of existing small to medium ISPs creating a strong sizeable organisation that matches the incumbent telcos yet maintaining impeccable customer service and loyalty.

Deployment in the UK is part of a greater international Solar powered wifi roll out to bring super fast Internet disruptively priced in emerging markets.

Arc International Ltd are on a mission to geometrically grow the organisation and dominate in regions of the world under served with affordable reliable internet service.

meet the plexus wifi  team…