Welcome to YCF's Free wifi service!

By signing in and using wifi services, you are agreeing to the Terms and conditions and acceptable use policy for the use of wifi and internet access.

Your fee access will last 1 hour at which point you will need to sign in again to continue accessing the internet. connection speeds are upto 10mb download speeds and 5mb upload. If you would like a faster uninterrupted connection to the internet, you can jump onto Plexus Wifi and purchase premium internet connection that has upto 24mb download speeds and no need to re-validate your connection hourly!

This wifi service is NOT operated by Yahweh Christian Centre (YCF), it is operated by Plexus Wifi and all network operations are entirely separate from YCF. If you require any support, please contact us on [email protected] or via the chat service and we will be glad to support you.

Need more speed?

Why not purchase a premium voucher to boost your download speeds and stay connected for longer?

We have daily, weekly and monthly vouchers available, all with unlimited downloads.

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